Cruden Bay Golf Club

Cruden Bay, Scotland

Is this the wildest — and most fun — course in golf?


If you want the best, go play Pine Valley, the Old Course or Augusta (good luck with that). If you the most fun, play Cruden Bay. Which is not to say Cruden Bay isn’t an amazing course — it is. It’s just more than that. Set among crazy dunes and full of features that would never be considered today, never mind built, Cruden Bay—to put it diplomatically —marches to the beat of its own drummer. Get yourself to Cruden Bay and experience this magic yourself.

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Course Layout

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What To Know

Yardage & Tees
When to Play
Cruden Bay is open year around. The east coast of Scotland (where Cruden Bay is located) is generally drier but also slightly cooler than the west coast.

Late spring and summer is your best bet for comfortable temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and minimal wind, but good weather can be found April through October.





Greens Fees


Greens Fees

January £67.50
February £67.50
March £67.50
April 1-21 £90
April 22-30 £135 weekdays and $£150 weekends
May £135 weekdays, $£150 weekends
June £135 weekdays, $£150 weekends
July £135 weekdays, $£150 weekends
August £135 weekdays, $£150 weekends
September £135 weekdays, $£150 weekends
October 1-6 £135 weekdays and $£150 weekends 
October 7-27 £90
October 28-31 £67.50
November £67.50
December £67.50

Greens fees last checked October 2018. View them on


Visitor Tee Times
Visitors may play Cruden Bay any time except before noon on weekends.

Book a tee time.

Rentals & Caddies
Caddies are available for £50 plus gratuity and must be booked in advance. Pay caddies directly in £ sterling.

Clubs can be rented for £40.

Electric pull carts can be rented for £20

Pull carts can be rented for £5

Practice Facilities
Info not available.
Other Things To Know
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Year Built: 1899

Architects: Old Tom Morris & Archie Simpson with later contributions from Tom Simpson, Herbert Fowler, and Tom MacKenzie.

Heads up: Play is off mats October 28 through about March.